Why removable wallpaper is a game changer

The Landlord-friendly solution for decorators, renters and commitment-phobes

Forget everything you knew about wallpaper

(including how Shaynna Blaze is installing it!)

Our removable wallpaper looks like traditional wallpaper and will cover a wall beautifully but with one game-changing difference - it has a self-adhesive backing!  There's no need to use glue or water, or use rollers, sponges, or heat guns. You simply peel the fabric from the backing paper and stick it straight onto the wall. The finish is a high-end, matt fabric with a fine weave that will look amazing for as many years as you like.

It's removable

What does this actually mean?

There's a reason we've coined the term Landlord-friendly for our wallpaper.  We spend so much time preparing our walls, the last thing we want is paintwork getting damaged.  The adhesive on our wallpaper is more like a gum that doesn't harden over time.  It can stay up for years and when it's time to move home or office, or just time for an update, it will remove cleanly and easily.

Yes, you can put it up yourself

We promise.

We get it - you're not handy and you think you'll stuff this up, right? Many our of customers have this concern and we assure them and you that anyone can put up our wallpaper. All you need is time, a step ladder and a sharp Stanley knife. It is re-positionable so once the panels are in place any bubbles just smooth out with your hand. The fabric won't tear or stretch.

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 Can't recommend this highly enough!

We ordered a custom coloured removable Grid wallpaper for a high-end design project. It arrived on time and was the perfect colour!! It was a complete game changer in our space!!

If you are renting they are the perfect option to add temporary personality that you can easily remove and change!!

Can't recommend highly enough! 

Kate McCarthy

The Real Estate Stylist

Important Product Features

All walls, all paint types!

Our product suits all wall types - plasterboard or dry wall, brick, concrete, rendered, MDF, painted wood and even glass. All paint types including Wash N Wear type products are suitable.

Easy to Order

Enter the wall width into our Wallpaper Calculator to work out how many 65cm wide panels you need. Then just choose the wall height on each product. The panels are numbered and hung next to each other.

Any colour you like

We print-to-order so we are proud to offer colour choice for our wallpapers.  Choose a background colour and a feature colour and we'll send your a proof! You can order an A4 sample & make sure it is perfect!

A wallpaper for every room, and any wall type 

We have a growing range of wallpaper designs for nurseries, kids bedrooms, entrances, living spaces and businesses.  Cover a wall in a nook or create a full feature wall using a photographic mural or world map.

​Our Top Selling Mural Categories


Trellis wallpaper

Children's rooms

Stripes removable wallpaper Australia Australia in kid's bedroom


Detailed World Map

Living areas

Paris removable mural behind a white couch in a living room
Photo Collage

Photo Collage Mural

Or why not design your own?

Have you seen a design you love but you can't source it?  Or an image you want as a wall mural?  Just enter your wall dimensions for an instant quote let us know what you want and we'll find it for you. (We have a ginormous library of designs not showing on our website.)

Influencer Testimonials

"I'm so happy to be able to share this playroom design...the playroom is the globe wallpaper we had custom coloured by @thewallstickercompany."


Belinda Nihill

"We have created a warm, cosy and green coffee bar in the office of @travelbirdcareers using this amazing wallpaper from Australian The Wall Sticker Company,"


June Studio Amsterdam

"We are in love with our new collaborative wall mural designed by our talented friend @fleurharris and produced by local legends @thewallstickercompany."

Poppy Culture