Tropical Icons

Tropical Icons


Arrange these Tropical Icons wall stickers on your wall as you like, just like wallpaper!  Choose the one design or a mixture to create a fun and colourful space! 16 removable and repositionable wall stickers in each pack (but only 12 in the Flamingo pack). The size of each decal varies according to the design. Order as many packs as you need to fill your wall. A simple decorating idea for a child’s room.


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These Tropical Icons wall stickers will be fun to arrange on a wall in a child’s or teen’s space.  Various sizes according to the design you choose.  Choose one design for a simple look, or a mixture of designs from a more stimulating wall design.

  • Material: Matte fabric wall stickers with a peel and stick, removable adhesive
  • Contents: 16 removable and repositionable wall stickers (only 12 in the Flamingo pack). Order multiple packs to cover your wall.
  • Sizes: Various: Watermelons half 8cm high, Iceypoles purple 14cm high, Flamingos 19cm high, Pineapples orange 18cm high, Watermelon slices 13cm high, Pineapples yellow 16.5cm high, Watermelon chunks 13cm high, Iceypole kiwi 14cm high, Toucans 13cm high, Ice-creams 16cm high, Cacti 14cm high, Lemons 10cm high, Oranges 8cm high
  • Colours: Available in these set colours, or Contact Us for something customised just for you!
  • Application: Simple peel and stick application, see below for more details
  • Design Idea:  Order multiple packs of the Tropical Icons wall stickers to cover a full wall. Get some ideas on arranging them here!


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