Hot Air Balloons and Animals


Hot Air Balloons and Animals


These gorgeous Hot Air Balloons and Animal passengers creates a magical scene in a nursery or child’s bedroom.  Arrange the balloons, clouds the moon and cut animals as you like.  Beautiful fabric finish wall stickers with Landlord friendly removability.

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These Hot Air Balloons and Animals create a beautiful, dreamy scene in a Nursery or child’s bedroom.

  • Material: Matte fabric wall stickers with a peel and stick, removable adhesive
  • Contents: Arrange the hot air balloons with passengers, the customisable name banner (your child’s name and DOB perhaps), the clouds, the moon and the cute animals.
  • Sizes:  4 large hot air balloons with passengers 31 x 53cm, 2 smaller balloons 20 x 33cm and 16.5 x 28cm. Name banner 86 x 16cm. Clouds 32 x 19cm, 30 x 19cm, 32 x 19cm. Moon 20 x 20cm. Bear 17 x 34cm, rabbit 18 x 31cm, elephant 22 x 28cm and mouse 17 x 22cm.
  • Colours: Available in the one colour way. Contact Us for custom colours.
  • Application: Simple peel and stick application, see below for more details


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