Manufacturing Service

The Wall Sticker Company's Manufacturing Services


"Over the past 7 years Schmooks has collaborated with The Wall Sticker Company to produce a series of high quality wall stickers which have been distributed worldwide.

Jen and The Wall Sticker Company team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have shown an ongoing commitment to our brand and have supported Schmooks expansion into retail. Their consistent use of high quality materials and superb print colour produced a product which always received the highest acclaim from our customers. We feel privileged to have worked with such a wonderful company."

Claire Cimbora Schmooks Founder

Why not add removable wall stickers to your product range?  

The Wall Sticker Company offers a manufacturing service makes it easy to see if it sticks for your brand!
Here are some facts about our service:
  • we would Photoshop it onto a wall. We can do this for you. Our only challenge is finding a good stock image!  

  • We offer the manufacture of removable wall stickers (cut out shapes) in a polyester fabric with a removable, gum-like adhesive on the back.
  • We don't offer a manufacturing service for removable wallpaper. The margins are too low. However you may be prepared to increase the RRP to claim this margin.
  • To get the best price possible, aim for your decals to use up the media’s width of 128cm first. The length can be up our tube heights of 16cm, 37cm, 71ccm or max 102cm.
  • You can offer different designs within your minimum order quantity.
  • The minimum order quality will simply be the amount of decals that fit into this width.
  • As we print digitally, there is no change in cost between one colour and full colour.
  • We can brand the design with your logo.
  • Your design belongs to you, we are simply a printing service for you.
  • We will supply your products on the same, beautiful removable fabric that we use for all our products.
  • We have 3 versions of our product for certain wall types: flat, light walls, dark-coloured flat walls, and textured walls like concrete and render.  You need to specify this when placing an order, but 90% of our customers have flat, light coloured walls.
  • We are limited by how thin we can cut decals out as the product is a fabric and can fray if the design is too intricate, but we will guide you.
  • Each design you offer will be charged at our standard custom rate.
  • Once you are happy with the product we supply, you can start selling immediately.  We find it highly beneficial to selling if there is a photo of it in-situ on a wall.  You might have this done in Photoshop, or what works well is you send your decal to an influencer or interior designer for free in exchange for a great image!
  • You will need to place your order on our site, and you products will be hidden from view for our customers.
  • Once you place your order, we require 7 days to print and ship it.
  • We can drop ship to your customers to reduce delivery times.
  • Decals will be shipped in tubes.
  • If you need a new design created and you have an idea but no artwork, we can design this for you at a cost.

The Next Steps...

The next step is to send us your concept so we can work out the best price for you.  We need to see how it will be cut out and how it needs to be supplied to the customer.  

To get a quote for your wall sticker designs, please contact us with the height and width of each design, and if you can be flexible on this sizing – we will find ways to make them most cost-effective.

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