Care Instructions

Care Instructions

To get the most out or your Wall Sticker Company products, please follow these care instructions.

Please allow newly painted walls need 4 weeks to outgas before application.

Our products are not 100% waterproof so to avoid the finish being affected,

  • Avoid rubbing the product with a wet cloth
  • Avoid exposure to steam or condensation as the product is not completely water resistant
  • Do not rub. Do not use micro fibre cloths.
  • To dust, wipe in a light sweeping action.

You can select for a wet area at Checkout or a waterproof product.

To remove your wall stickers, simply lift a corner and peel them off.

For wallpapers and murals, you’ll need two pairs of hands: one to peel from the bottom, and the other to remove from the top of the wall, to avoid the panel touching the floor.

If the decals are large sized, they can then we moved and re-stuck to another wall easily.

However if your decals are very intricate and had a layer over the top, moving them to another wall will take more time to place them, or may not be possible at all.  You can try using masking tape by creating a brace around and over the design.

  • Lay a piece of tape on the wall at either end of the design, on the wall, close to the design and more than the height of the design.
  • Then lay several strips over the design, in horizontal strips at least 8cm apart. Make sure that these strips all cross over across the design and cross over the pieces you laid first.
  • Rub the masking tape over the design so it sticks properly.
  • Now, with a second pair of hands, pick up the end pieces and it should lift the whole design.
  • Move it straight to the new wall without delay.

Should you want to move your wall stickers, if you haven’t kept the backing paper, you can just stick them to any wall.  If you need backing paper, in the case of relocating home or needing to be stored for some time, you can order more backing paper in a tube for $3 plus the postage cost here.  You can also use baking paper or a plastic sheet or similar and roll them up.  Put them in a tube or be careful not to bend them too much.

For wallpaper or murals, you will need back paper if you need to store it and cannot temporarily hang it to another wall.  If you can place it on another wall temporarily, just make sure you keep the panels vertical/upright to avoid the adhesive side collecting any debris.  Order more backing paper and a tube here.

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